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Lions Habitat at MGM Grand

Lions Habitat at MGM Grand

5. The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand

When you visit Las Vegas for the first time, it’s hard to miss the golden lion that stands in front of MGM Grand, the world’s 2nd biggest hotel. Not only has it served as MGM’s mascot, but also as an icon of Las Vegas for many years.

Now, you can see live lions inside the MGM Grand. The habitat’s boldly situated inside the casino floor. Which means, you can gamble AND glare at those deadly animals.

It’s free for anyone to walk by and take a quick look between 10am – 7pm daily.

Package Saving

Bundle hotel with flight and save

Many people are skeptic of this idea that booking flights with hotels save you money. I guess it’s because you can’t really see the breakdown of where the money’s funneling into, but I assure you, regardless of ANY, and I mean ANY discounts the hotels may offer through different channels (i.e. “Deals” on their websites, travel agents, or even Twitter or Facebook special offers), bundling flights and hotels together into a “Package” will save you the most amount of money – every time.

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