Welcome to my blog. As a long time hotelier, I’ve always wanted to share what I’ve learned from my experience in managing various hotels in Las Vegas.

What are people missing when they come to Vegas? Surely there’s more to Vegas than just gaming and nightlife.

How are people booking their hotel rooms in Vegas? There are more ways than one to book your hotel room here – and more often than not – people generally take the most expensive route in booking. There are cheaper rates, you just need to know where to look and how to find them.

Where are they staying? With the current economic crisis, there hasn’t been a better time to over-indulge yourself in hotels that you wouldn’t normally stay in. You can’t always just look for the lowest rate Vegas has to offer. Sometimes, the hotel with the most expensive rate can be the best deal Vegas has to offer.

When are they staying? If you’re really price-conscience, then don’t come to Vegas on weekends. Plain and simple. Not only will you save money by up to 70% on hotel rooms, many restaurants and nightclubs offer great deals on weekdays. Getting on that guest list on a Saturday night’s nearly impossible (especially if you’re with bunch of guys), but the clubs will beg you to come in on the weekdays.

These are the questions I’d like to tackle on my blogs. I’ll be sure to let everyone know about the best deals at the best hotel at the best time. So please enjoy the wealth of information I’m about to provide: I’m retired from hotel operations now, so I’ll keep no secrets.

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