Package Saving

Bundle hotel with flight and save

Many people are skeptic of this idea that booking flights with hotels save you money. I guess it’s because you can’t really see the breakdown of where the money’s funneling into, but I assure you, regardless of ANY, and I mean ANY discounts the hotels may offer through different channels (i.e. “Deals” on their websites, travel agents, or even Twitter or Facebook special offers), bundling flights and hotels together into a “Package” will save you the most amount of money – every time.

Though I can’t really go into much detail, here’s how it works when you bundle flights and hotels into a package. For argument’s sake, let’s say that the “package” cost is $500 to stay at MGM Grand for 3 nights with round trip air:

  • $300 for the air. But this $300 air fare is NOT discounted. Meaning – the round trip airfare will be $300 regardless of whether you’re booking this flight with MGM Grand or not.
  • Now, the rest $200 is for your stay at MGM Grand. The normal rate is $100 per night. However, MGM Grand is selling their rooms at a 33% discount when you “package” the hotel with air only.

Now, you might ask yourself: Why would MGM Grand sell their rooms at that big of a discount when booking with air? To put it simply, MGM Grand knows that anyone looking to fly to Vegas will probably stay longer vs people that drive to Vegas. Air people will probably spend more money on food, gaming, and entertainment as they probably planned this trip a while back. Finally, guests that flew will less likely to cancel their reservation – again, a direct consequence of planning.

But there is another reason why a hotel like MGM Grand might discount their rooms with flights.

Hotels, like many products in the world, have a certain “Brand Integrity”. In other words, a hotel like Caesars Palace don’t want to establish itself with cheap rates. They always want to be known as one of the more, shall we say, exclusive hotels in Las Vegas. But when they discount their rooms in Packages, they are able to hide their rates. Meaning – Caesars Palace can sell rooms at $40 and the guest will never know that he or she just paid $40 to stay at Caesars Palace. Again, it’s because when you try to bundle air with hotels at any site, no site ever shows you x-amount of dollars were spent for air and y-amount of dollars for hotel. You just know that it costs $500 and that’s it.

So, I encourage you to try this and see it for yourself how much you can save by bundling flight and hotel together into a package. From what I can see, on average, you will save up to 30% on your trip. I  guarantee it.

Sites that allow you to bundle: