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Caesars on Twitter

Caesars Palace giving $105 discount on Twitter

If you thought that “following companies on Twitter proved to be useful” was a myth – well, let me bust it for you. Let me confirm loud and clear with utmost confidence that following your favorite hotel in Las Vegas will be the best thing you’ve ever done with Twitter. If you travel to Vegas much, that is.

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Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Flamingo at Wildlife Habitat in Flamingo

6. Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo

Yes, Flamingo Hotel houses the highest concentration of flamingo population in Las Vegas. Well, this much seems very obvious.

What is surprising – and this is completely unconfirmed by many, but I swear I saw it – is that among the flamingos, when you look closely, there are penguins in living in this habitat! Again, unconfirmed, but this habitat happens to be situated right next to their world-famous Paradise Garden Buffet. And whenever I dined there, I saw penguins. I swear.

The Venetian

The 5-Diamond Venetian in Las Vegas

If you haven’t read the first rule of booking a trip to Las Vegas, please read it here. The first rule is – Always bundle your hotel and flight to maximize savings when you come to Las Vegas (or anywhere for that matter), and The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino has an exemplary deal that is hard to resist: Get 3rd night free and more!

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24 Hour Sale

24 Hour Sale

Hotels rates constantly change. On the days where demand is low, the rates will drop and vise versa. The idea of running 24, 48, or 72 hour sale is to get YOU to book that day. It discourages you from mulling over when you should book because by tomorrow, that deal will no longer be there.

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Lions Habitat at MGM Grand

Lions Habitat at MGM Grand

5. The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand

When you visit Las Vegas for the first time, it’s hard to miss the golden lion that stands in front of MGM Grand, the world’s 2nd biggest hotel. Not only has it served as MGM’s mascot, but also as an icon of Las Vegas for many years.

Now, you can see live lions inside the MGM Grand. The habitat’s boldly situated inside the casino floor. Which means, you can gamble AND glare at those deadly animals.

It’s free for anyone to walk by and take a quick look between 10am – 7pm daily.

Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Palace

Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Palace

If you didn’t read this blog, you would’ve walked right by them – you were too busy shopping! But next time you come to Vegas (and visit the Forum Shops, for that matter), keep a keen eye out for the statues sitting right outside The Cheesecake Factory, Abercrombie, and Express. When the time’s right, these statues will come to life!

It’s called “Fall of Atlantis,”and this is no ordinary show. In fact, you won’t be able to make sense of what’s going on most of the times. With people talking all around you, taking pictures, going Wow-ing and Woo-ing, it’ll be hard for anyone fully engage in the story that this show’s trying to deliver.

But it doesn’t matter. Because it’s just cool to see the statues move while spewing fire! Plus all the surrounding special affects puts enough spectacle, that this isn’t something that you’ll easily forget.

Show Times:

  • Every top of the hour from 10am – 11pm (Saturday and Sunday until midnight).
Package Saving

Bundle hotel with flight and save

Many people are skeptic of this idea that booking flights with hotels save you money. I guess it’s because you can’t really see the breakdown of where the money’s funneling into, but I assure you, regardless of ANY, and I mean ANY discounts the hotels may offer through different channels (i.e. “Deals” on their websites, travel agents, or even Twitter or Facebook special offers), bundling flights and hotels together into a “Package” will save you the most amount of money – every time.

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Volcano at The Mirage

Volcano at The Mirage

3. Volcano at The Mirage

I know what you’re thinking. This volcano has been entertaining The Strip pedestrians since the late 1980s. So you’ve seen this over and over across many years. Well, what you probably didn’t know is that this volcano underwent a complete overhaul in 2009. Similar to The Fountain at Bellagio, the volcanic fire now dances to the music playing in the background – and it provides pleasure to the eyes And the ears.

2. Sirens of TI

Treasure Island

Sirens of TI at Treasure Island

2. Sirens of TI at Treasure Island

This show has been serving The Strip for awhile now – involving live people, live stage, and live story. The spectacle value is fabulous with moving ships and captivating story. Keep in mind, however, Sirens of Ti won’t rival any theatre productions in terms of experience, but for what it’s worth – FREE – this is the one show you can’t afford to miss when visiting Vegas.

Show Times:

  • 5:30pm (Winter Only)
  • 7:00pm
  • 8:30pm
  • 10:00pm
  • 11:30pm (Winter Only)